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Note from Chris

Thank God for the gifts of life and music. Thanks to all my wonderful and talented friends who helped on this project. Thanks to Brother John for the inspiration. Scott Tichenor plays mandolin on Blue Flannel Friday, you can find out more about him at his website the Mandolin Cafe.


To order your copy directly from Singing Hound Music please send a check or money order for $20 per copy (includes shipping) to the mailing address on the Contact page. Your copy of Blue Flannel Friday will be shipped right to your door.

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Sound Clips (requires Adobe Flash)

While Auburn Is In Style

This is a song about trains and a restless spirit.

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St. Anne's Reel

This fiddle tune makes me think of nuns dancing.

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He Has Come For Me

This song is based on the Gospel of Matthew.

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Barney's Blues

I wrote this for my favorite hound, what a "hoot" he was.

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The Joy You Bring To Me

The first song I wrote — in 1975.

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Morning Dew

This is written in the traditional bluegrass style of "lost love" songs.

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Ben's Lullabye

This one evolved as I played for Ben to put him to sleep at night.

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Let Me Love You

There is just something about a "granola girl."

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Courthouse Blues

This is a song about my years as a prosecutor, written in 1998.

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Devil Woman?

Nate (lead guitar) wasn't even playing guitar when I started this CD project.

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Humphrey's Hornpipe

I picked out this tune as I watched Humphrey (bassett hound) frolic.

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Walkin' Suitcase Blues

Yes, I did put a sax on an acoustic guitar album.

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The Car Song

A tribute to the "lemons" I have owned.

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Edgar Brown

A song about a man I met outside a music store about 1981. I made up the name.

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McKinley's Blues

This is my adaptation of an old song about the assassination of President McKinley.

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He Is Here Now

I wrote this for Denise — her photo (CD back) was the inspiration.

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Applause for Blue Flannel Friday

"I grew up with gospel music. Your songs really bring home the heart and soul of great gospel music from the origins of bluegrass."

Ken — Junction City, KS

"Thoroughly enjoyed it."

Ann — Canada

"I cannot thank you enough for your CD. It is fantastic!!!"

Jamie — Colorado

"Thanks for the wonderful CD. We have enjoyed it far more than we can express, it is so well done. We just love it, and thanks again!"

Robert — Abilene, KS

"Hey Chris! I didn't get the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your CD. Great tunes, terrific picking, soulful singing … you really are good. In particular, you show some great chops on the instrumentals."

Dan — Washington D.C.

"My 4-year-old daughter knows the words to 'Morning Dew' and several others. We gave your CD to my 80-year-old grandmother and she loves it. Truly music for everyone!"

Stephanie — Topeka, KS

"We were so impressed with the quality and with the music. I have always known you were talented but this clearly shows your abilities."

Brenda — Junction City, KS

"Chris, I have really been enjoying listening to your CD and I think it is great! All of the musicians are fantastic and I loved hearing Jennie and Steve singing background."

Kathy — Manhattan, KS

"I really enjoy your CD. Your song 'Morning Dew' is one of my favor­ites. You are a talented musician and I like how you incorporate your family and life experiences into your songs. I have shared your music with my family and even my dog sings along with Barney!"

Marla — Topeka, KS

"Chris, Can't tell you how much I enjoy Blue Flannel Friday. You are so talented! A great singing voice and musician!"

Bud — Topeka, KS

"Thank you for the CDs. I know many people will enjoy listening to your wonderful voice. You have provided us with the perfect gift for our friends."

Nancy — Kansas City

"It is great!! Not only are you a talented trial attorney, but you are also a talented musician, singer and songwriter. Listening to your CD reminds me of when I was a kid listening to my dad's family play and sing on Sunday evenings at my granddad's farm."

John — Larned, KS

"Chris, I loved the album! My oldest brother used to play the banjo when I was a kid … and he would love this album … I need another one …"

Tammi — Manhattan, KS

"Chris, The CD is wonderful! My family has listened to it several times and I'm going to order some as gifts. Thank you so much for sending it."

Tanya — Chicago, IL

"Chris — wow. Got the CD. The tunes, music, arrangements, package, and recording quality are wonderful."

Ken — New Hampshire

"Thanks so much for getting the CD out. I am enjoying it very much. I am impressed with all the fine musicians you have playing with you, esp. Chris Biggs! ;)"

Dale — Colorado

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